The Most Dangerous Three-Letter Word

One reason I love Twitter is that having only 140 characters forces the poster to say what’s most important. Often, I’m forced to proof-read my messages and cut words and phrases in order get them to a manageable length.

Do you know one of the most cropped phrases from my electronic conversations?

“Try to…”

I’ll try to call you sometime. I’ll try to get back with you soon about it. We’ll try to meet up sometime. I’ll try to find more information for you.

Honestly, as much as I use it, “try to…” is probably the most dangerous phrase I utter. Those three letters, T-R-Y, keep me from doing what I need to do. My mind justifies not doing it as long as I act as though I’ve tried to do it. If it’s worth “trying to do” it’s worth “doing.”

Do you find yourself uttering “try to” too often? What other words reveal our weaknesses in action?

One thought on “The Most Dangerous Three-Letter Word”

  1. Joey,

    Thanks, I’ll “try to” do better. Seriously, maybe we should make our “yes be yes and our no be no.”

    Just a thought.


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