Blog Announcement

One week from Friday (June 1st), a new Christian/Personal Finance blog will launch itself into existence. “Where Your Treasure Is” will feature Biblical, inspirational, and practical offerings from the world of personal finance.

If anyone expects us to use our blessings responsibly, it is the Lord (it’s all His anyway). Hopefully, this effort will serve as a reminder of how important faith-based financial decision-making is in our daily lives.

I am honored to be among the four authors of “Where Your Treasure Is.” Adam Faughn (Haleyville, AL), Wes Hazel (Manchester, TN), and James Dalton (Blytheville, AR) will be official authors as well.

Mark the date on your calendars, bookmark the link, set up a RSS feed, and even mention it on your own blog (or your preferred web 2.0 application).

Stay tuned for more information…

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21