5 Free Leadership Backgrounds

Several months ago, I took part in a friend’s weekly Leadership Hangout (via Google Hangouts). Each week, we discussed the merits from one of Andy Stanley’s Leadership Podcasts. If you’re not already listening to this podcast of his each month, you’re really missing out.

For five of our sessions, I designed desktop backgrounds highlighting significant thoughts from the podcast itself or related to its message.


LeadershipQuote - AStanley (1280x800)

BetterBeforeBigger (1280x800)

NextProduct 1280x800

Maxwell Competitive Adv 1280x800

OnlyWhatYouCanDo (1280x800)


These are 1280×800 (16:10). If you would like one (or all) of them in a different size, let me know in the comments. Thanks!

SEC Helmets: White Editions

There are two “hard-to-look-bad” elements for football helmets: 1) a gray facemask and 2) a white shell. With the flexibility and crispness of white in mind, here are the helmets of the SEC…in white:



Classy look for UGA. Their standard red is one of the best in the conference, so it’s no surprise it looks great in white. Too bad they choke when they attemptĀ uniform gimmicks.


Not a bad look for the Gators. Not sure it helps the current lid, though. That font needs to go.


Vandy looks sophisticated in the white. Maybe even in a admiral-dress-uniform way. It doesn’t top the classic look of the gold, but it’s still slick.

Ole Miss

Not a fan of Ole Miss in the white. And it wouldn’t look good with their standard gray pants.

Mississippi State

Not a foreign look for State in the white, as they’ve done it before. The maroon helmet helps them look a little more intimidating on the field.


Arky may have the most to gain with switching to white. I’d at least like to see it at home with their red jerseys. And maybe it’d encourage someone to drop black from their unis.


Again, not a totally foreign-idea, as Coach Perkins went white during his tenure in the ’80s. Clean and classic. But not near as iconic as the crimson lid.

Which is your favorite white edition?

(South Carolina, Tennessee always wear white, while Kentucky introduced a white alternate this season; Auburn wears white each week and LSU will wear a white version of their helmet on October 22nd–but with old gold–as part of their Pro Combat set.)

Much credit to Fraser Davidson for hisĀ PSD templates. His site has a wealth of inspirational sports design inspiration.

*The marks and identities represented belong to the respective schools. I in no way claim ownership and in no way stand to profit from the depictions here.*