Boats on Land? Cars in Water?

Last week, we noticed some similarities between train-automobile safety and sexual sin. The basic connection is that trains and sex–though both serve great purposes–are extremely dangerous.

Today, we’re going to briefly explore two more modes of transportation, boats and automobiles. Connecting the two gives us a small picture of God’s design for sex and the consequences if we abuse that design.


First, it’s obvious from their appearance that boats are designed for water and cars are designed for the road. Boats don’t need wheels, but rather an effective way to float on the water’s surface. Cars need to stay cose to the road for safety, but don’t need a lot of surface contact, thus they have wheels. Likewise, our bodies have been designed for service to the Lord. Sexually speaking, He designed us for an intimate, committed relationship with a single spouse (1 Cor. 6:12-14).

When boats begin moving (on their own, not on a trailer) on land, and when cars get into water, there are problems. And bad problems. If a boat “drives” on land or a car is in water (in an element for which it is not designed) for a long period of time, the damage is significant and sometimes irreparable. When we use our bodies to serve our fleshly desires instead of how our Lord has designed us, we will suffer damage. If left unattended, the damage can be

Finally, when damage is done to a boat or to a car, it can seriously impact it’s usefulness once it’s back where it was designed. We see this most glaringly when “flooded” cars–or cars from the seacoast–are sold through used car dealerships. If you buy a car with water damage, you take a significant risk. A car’s ability to perform in its designed realm is hampered when it goes to places–especially water–it shouldn’t. Not only is sexual sin dangerous in the “here-and-now,” it can leave lasting scars throughout the future, even if those sins have been overcome and forgiven. The guilt, shame, and embarrassment can literally last a lifetime. Pre-marital immorality can seriously impact the health and vitality of an otherwise godly and happy marriage.

Our Lord has designed us as beautiful, wonderful, sexual creatures to enjoy that relationship in a committed marriage. If we devise our own plan for sexual fulfillment and reject the Lord’s plan, we will suffer. And we risk our physical and emotional health and our spiritual destination.

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