For Me & My Daughter’s Birthday

I’m barely a “May baby,” as I was born in the evening hours of May 31st. But I love having a May birthday. Seems a lot of cool people have May birthdays. In fact, I know of two girls much younger and much cooler than me with May birthdays.

Lord willing, our daughter Hazel will be born no later than next week (week of May 19th). We’re beyond excited and ready for her arrival. We’re so thankful the Lord has entrusted us to our care. We pray we will honor him and her life as we raise her to know and be like Jesus.

Additionally, young Gabbi Cook–the daughter of college friends of ours–celebrates her 3rd birthday this Sunday, May 19th. This is awesome because Gabbi has just finished up treatments for liver cancer and a necessary liver transplant. It’s been an emotional journey for us from a distance, so we cannot imagine the emotions the Cooks have gone through. We’re all thankful to God that Gabbi is doing great now and we pray she’ll continue to fight and grow strong in the years ahead.

Would you do me favor?

If you would ordinarily tell me “Happy Birthday” and/or “Congratulations” upon Hazel’s birth, would you send $10 to pediatric liver cancer research in Gabbi’s honor?

Her dad has humbly challenged those who love Gabbi to donate to this cause instead of sending her or them any kind of gifts for her birthday. So I’d love to simply pass the same challenge on to those who love me and my soon-to-be-born daughter.

Here’s the basic information if you’re willing to help out with this research:

If you can give Gabbi this present, please make checks out to “Children’s Hospital Research Foundation” and mail them to: 

Debbie Cook 
1902 Jamison Rd.
Fairview WV 26570

You can read Matt’s full post on Gabbi’s Facebook Page.

Thanks for reading and for your generosity. To God be the glory!

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